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Ad On Services

In Home Consultation


Let’s meet in person to go over your Sleep Plan in person and get all your questions answered face to face.

Nursery/Bedroom Evaluation

In Home:

$50.00 FaceTime/Skype: $75.00

I will assess the nursery/bedroom for lighting, crib placement, sound, temperature and more. I will also make recommendations to improve the sleep environment and create a sleep sanctuary for your child. You will be provided with a comprehensive blueprint with recommendations on how to improve upon your child’s sleep environment.

Daily Sleep Log Review


I will review all of your sleep logs daily for 2 weeks and send an email report to update you on your progress and make changes to times based on your notes and my findings.

Additional Phone Call


2 for 45.00

Additional twenty minute phone calls to address questions and concerns.

1 Week of Email Support


Email me at any time of day or night as often as you would like and I will get back to you at designated hours each day.

Text Support


3 hours of text support during the hours of 6-9 on night one of your plan.

Advanced Text Support


Unlimited text support during the hours of 9AM-9PM during the rst week of your plan.

Bedtime Support


2 hours of in home bedtime support. I will arrive at your home 20 minutes prior to your bedtime routine. We will discuss a plan of action for bedtime, complete the bedtime routine together and begin the bedtime commitment as a team.

Half Night Support


Includes all items from the Bedtime Support Add On with an additional 4 hours of night time support and a thorough debriefing consultation after your child is asleep. We will discuss what worked and what didn’t and make adjustments to your plan as needed.

Full Night Support


Sometimes you feel like you just can’t do it alone! I got your back! I will join you on your plan implementation night from the hours of 6PM to 6AM. Where I will be by your side the entire time, coaching you through the hard parts and encouraging you along the way.