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Oh Baby! Fitness Classes

Prenatal Toning, Fitness and Yoga Combo

This specially designed combo gives you a taste of everything Oh Baby! has to offer in a prenatal exercise class. We start out with 20 minutes of aerobic and cardio work. That's followed by 20 minutes of strength training for arms, legs and abs. Class finishes with a 20 minute yoga cool- down including relaxation, stretching and meditation.

Pregnancy Water Aerobics

Make a splash in this fun and challenging water workout uses the resistance of the water and a variety of pool tools to build muscle tone and cardiovascular endurance.  Water aerobics during pregnancy helps to reduce swelling in the extremities and creates an environment of near weightlessness.

This class combines cardio, total body weight training and focused abdominal work for mom.  Baby joins safely in a front carrier for the majority of the class.  Crawlers welcome but must be supervised by mom!  Remember, the heavier the baby, the harder the class!

Mom and Baby Fitness

H2Oh Baby!

Get an amazing workout in this power packed water aerobics class for mom where baby comes along for the ride in a float.  This class focuses on total body muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance using the resistance of the water and your baby to tone and tighten all over.  A great introduction to water for babies who love splashing and kicking their feet!  Babies must be 12-15 pounds and have good head control to participate in this class.

Stroller Workout

Step up your game in this bootcamp style stroller class where you will tighten and tone every muscle group!  All fitness levels are encouraged to join and sweat it our with us.  Modifications are provided for all and special attention is paid to postpartum contraindications.