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Mini Sleep Plan

4 Months and Beyond

Package Includes:

● Preliminary Sleep Questionnaire: Addresses your families sleep goals, nursing/feeding goals, and current routine and sleep habits.


● Comprehensive Sleep Plan: We will customize a sleep plan that addresses the needs and goals of your family. The plan will include a clear step by step guide for bedtime and naptime and will also address strategies for night time wakings, poor napping, and early morning wake ups.

● 45 Minute Phone/FaceTime/Skype Consultation: During this consultation we will discuss the sleep plan in depth. Providing education surrounding common concerns like crying, waking in the night, nap emergencies, transitioning to a big kid bed, moving from two naps to one, sleep regressions, developmental transitions and more. You will receive all the tools you need for success.


● Follow-Up Support: Two 20 minute phone calls to be used within the rest week of implementing the plan. Use these calls to discuss progress with the plan and address any setbacks that you are experiencing, as well as make any needed changes to the plan.


Note: While this plan seems intriguing the most valuable part of working with a Certified Sleep Consultant is the follow-up support you receive when working through the plan. It is through this extensive follow up that we are able to make adjustments to the plan as needed, troubleshoot problems that arise and work towards an ideal schedule. If at any point during the Mini Sleep Plan Package you would like to transition to the full plan you are encouraged to do so. Also see the Add On’s page for additional options for more support.