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7 Tips for Healthy

Infant Sleep

It doesn’t take long for new parents to start discussing sleep issues. It’s one of the most common, and often most widely complained about parenting topic out there. Just mention the word sleep to a group of tired parents, and you’ll have the attention of the whole room. If you are one of those tired parents this seminar is for you. In this presentation we'll cover things like, how to create a great bedtime routine that will cue a baby’s brain and body that sleep time is near. We’ll talk about ways to avoid common sleep props, and how staying consistent and on time will make all the difference in helping little ones doze off peacefully. She'll share some great tips around nap time and how to night feed in a way that leads to a baby sleeping through the night as quickly as possible. The session will end with plenty of time for lots of questions and group discussion.

Foundations of Sleep

Are you exhausted from multiple night wakings and don’t know where to turn next? Do you want to learn how to get your baby to take long restorative naps during the day? Do you need an age appropriate sleep schedule for your child? Are you looking for a clear and concise plan to accomplish all of these goals? If you answered yes to any of these questions then please join Kate Woodard from Serenity Sleep and Wellness for a 90 minute workshop introducing the foundations of sleep for babies and children. In this workshop you will learn about the basic science of sleep for babies, children and adults, how to create a sleep sanctuary for your child, how to create a bedtime routine that is enjoyable for both parent and child, and lastly you will learn strategies to encourage independent sleep skills in your child and how to successfully implement these strategies for better sleep habits that will last a lifetime.

This workshop teaches pregnant women and their partners the Oh Baby! Fitness Coordinated Pushing technique: "How to Push Out Your Baby," as well as basic breathing and labor positions. Participants will be empowered as they learn the physiology of pushing and will be able to practice a way to easily and efficiently push out their baby.

Partners Pushing Workshop